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Maintenance Plan

Are you wanting that Squeaky Clean shine all year round? Now, we’ve made it much more affordable for those of you that use us on a regular basis.

Compact: $80
Midsized SUV: $90
Truck/Van/Third Row SUV: $100

Compact: $90
Midsized SUV: $100
Truck/Van/Third Row SUV: $110

Click the link below to fill out a request form and choose our Showroom Shine package. Click “Yes” in the checkbox pertaining to our Maintenance Program. Boom, mission accomplished. A team member will contact you momentarily to discuss booking options.  

How to get signed up:

Sign up for our Showroom Shine package so we can make sure the vehicle is in pristine condition making It much more maintainable to tidy up each month. You will receive our Super Clean package throughout the entire year. At the 6 month mark, we will wax the vehicle again at no extra cost to ensure your paint stays its best. 

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